My Louisiana Muse - Update #1 - THE ARTISTS - PART 1

What a great way to start December! I just spoke with 3 artists and scheduled phone calls w/ them for this weekend. I have to thank my mother and aunt for hooking me up with Louisiana Poet Laureate Darrell Bourque. I am honored to have him be a part of this project and i can't wait to collaborate with him on his portrait. article on Darrell Bourque.

I have a call into an old friend this weekend, Dawn Dedeaux. I am over the moon excited to have her in this project. I have always respected her work and looked up to her aesthetic. To me she has always "lived for her art" that even her home is a museum of sorts. Even through her busy schedule as a Prospect 3 artist, she has found the time to talk with me about My Louisiana Muse.

Two local photographers i look up to, Michel Varisco and Frank Relle, are also participating. The way these two, i might add they do work independently, tell the story of how home, texture, and environment affect us in so many ways is paramount my project. I am honored to have them.

Marsh Degradation, ©Michel Varisco

Two very close friends, Nick Slie and Moose Jackson are going to be a big part of MLM. Nick is a founding member of Mondo Bizarro and active member of local New Orleans theatre movements such as Art Spot and Catapult. His last production Cry You One, received critical acclaim and continues to tour the country after making its' debut in early 2014.

Moose Jackson is an acclaimed poet and playwright who resides in New Orleans but his inspiration runs deeper than just this city. I first met Moose right after the BP Oil Spill, and spent some very important times w/ him as we documented the affected coastal communities like Delacroix and Ycloskey.

Moose Jackson, 2014. Shot at my studio

I am also looking forward to speaking with artist Melissa Bonin who resides in Iberia Parish. Her lush swamp-scapes and informative story lines will make a great addition to the grown MLM family. Also due for a talk this week is photographer Jenny Ellerbe. I love her easy to digest, stark photographs of rural Louisiana. We all have so much to learn from the Walker Evans approach to documentary photography - not that Jenny adheres to this in a strict way - but i feel it.