My chat in the Way Back with New Orleans Photographer Frank Relle

Of all the selected artists participating in "My Louisiana Muse", New Orleans Photographer, Frank Relle , is one I am in touch with most often.  I moved to New Orleans in 2000 and not long afterwards, was introduced to Frank.  We became instant friends and remember the parallels and love for many common goals, ideals, and musings of the city and art.  I was very impressed by his thirst for knowledge and driving energy when it came to telling a story about photography, or just telling a story about whatever.  10+ years later, I am happy to have Frank Relle working with me as one of the selected artist for this project, "My Louisiana Muse".

I enjoyed talking to Frank about what inspires him about Louisiana and what it really comes down to is wanting to get YOU out there. Frank wants you to explore more, see the swamp, feel the water, the wind, and the moss.  We talked about how we are surrounded by so much water and swamps by living down here and how it is so accessible, but sadly under used.

Pailles - ©Frank Relle from "Until the Water"

When you see his current series of night swamp scenes  from "Until the Water", you really do feel a peace of place as you gaze upon his sodium vapor lit long exposures. You can say "Place" is a central theme to the work Frank all centers around a true understanding of the environment in which he was raised (SE LA). We talked about his first encounters with that environment.

"For me the visual views of the state came to life as a kid, sitting in the back row of our station wagon as we drove across town and Lake Pontchartrain, looking backwards. My muse was made through the car window as a child.." says Frank. I told Frank that i had a similar story riding in my mothers mid-70's station wagon, diesel fumes and all and high as a 4 year old can get, gazing upon the disappearing landscape. We all had viewfinders at some time in our lives before we started getting "learned" and "taught" how to stand up straight, be adults, and all that....

Vadia - ©Frank Relle from "Until the Water"

So that window was Franks first camera viewfinder and since then has been ever composing his view of his surroundings for us to see. It's a great story, but an even better one is the story he tells with his new series "Until the Water"  which can be seen in his gallery on Felicity Street in the Lower Garden District. Check his website/FB for more info on openings/viewings.

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