The New Year begins, and new artists are added - Nick Slie and Moose Jackson...into the swamp we go

I want to wish everyone a happy 2015 and i sincerely hope you get out what you put in. Yes, you're going to have to do some work! As we know that hoping, wishing, and praying that good things will come our way never really amounts to much. As self employed creatives we learn early on that although we feel our work is great, that's not enough to get the right people to notice and present those treasured unique opportunities. In order to reach the next level we need to actively be learning, creating community, and focusing on how our tools can continue to tell our story.

Yesterday was January 1st. Helen and i worked really hard cooking for some friends and in the back of my mind was the reward of falling asleep on the couch watching the Cotton Rose Bowls. I worked for it, and i got it.

Today as we are now deep in 2015 i met with two dear friends, and talented artists talk with them about My Louisiana Muse. Nick Slie (artist, performer, director Mondo Bizarro and the critically acclaimed "Cry You One") and writer/poet/musician Moose Jackson. The two have collaborated on many performances, most notably "Loup Garou"

These two artists alone - powerful, rooted, spritual.

These two artists together - incendiary, historical, seers.

We talked about places that inspired them to create. We talked about Pierre Part and Lake Verret as holding a 'starting point' for the creation of the story of Loup Garou which led to it's performance not without the help of other local entities such as Jeff Becker, and Art Spot Production. We talked of the "deep swamp", Adam "Cypress Man" Morales, and other artists and characters. 

I get constant inspiration from Moose and Nick. Their desire to seek the truth of Louisiana's past through the stories of it's peoples only tells me that they care about this states future. My Louisiana Muse is HONORED to have them...