My Louisiana Muse Gratitude and Press Tour 2014!

Now that the show has been printed it was time to hit the road and flap my gums a bit to talk about My Louisiana Muse and why it is so important that people get out and see the show. I feel it is important that people see this work with their eyes to fully grasp the beauty of the Bromoil process but, more importantly, I want the COMMUNITY in one place CONNECTING with LOUISIANA ARTISTS. I put those words in caps because I think it is important. I wasn't shouting my words, just emphasizing how much I want the public to be introduced to new ways of thinking and seeing the world.

I am so honored and grateful for the people who have made this show possible and there are too many to talk about in these Press Junkets that I will do it here. Know that I couldn't have done ANY of this in the way it was supposed to be done without you all. I am humbled and grateful for your support and honesty through this yearlong process.

My wife Helen Evans Smith for her mirror to my world and constant support to help make this show the best thing i have ever done - a true expression of love. Don Marshall and Scott Aiges at the Jazz and Heritage Foundation for the Gallery space and assistance. Scott Edwards from the Scott Edwards Gallery for his experience and assistance in the darkroom and in the gallery. Scott Williams for his design savvy and David Armentor for the lens loaners for this project!

 Greg Gremillion at Cellar Door and Bryan Bailey from the CIVIC Theatre for their help with wine. Pabst and Bayou Teche Brewery (thanks Louis!) for the beer. The many great writers and interviewers who took the time to help me get the word out about this project: Grant Morris at Happy Hour New Orleans, Mrs Smalls at WWOZ, Cheryl Castille at KRVS, NOLA Defender, iHeartNOLA, Joseph Irrera at Offbeat, and Dan Fox at Antigravity.

Photo by Mrs Smalls - Radio DJ on WWOZ 90.7

Photo by Mrs Smalls - Radio DJ on WWOZ 90.7

My deepest thanks to Sam Urrate for teaching me the Bromoil process in 2004 and continuing to be a source of inspiration and strength for me to do your thing and do it well no matter what. Big thanks go to master builder Josh Galland for his artistry and precision in making the cypress frames for the show - YOU are a gift. 

Through this project a new friendship has been made with poet Darrell Bourque, and through this friendship a renewed interest in the hidden stories and deeper meanings of the cultural traditions of the people of Louisiana. Thank you also for bringing the amazing Goldman Thibodeaux to My Louisiana Muse. To all My Louisiana Muse artists, thank you for letting me into your sacred world of inspiration so that I may show your work and passion to a new audience. Here's to more creative collaborations and being present in life to know it!

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