Lafaye was invited to create encaustic work for an installation at Penn State and while creating these pieces Lafaye was at a point in his art journey that had him being inspired by more political themes.    "I found an old army helmet and I started waxing and building this thing. I added a post, and it became an monument to Privates and Sergeants. This was my monument to the Reality of War...I think i called it "All for Oil Stand Up and Holler"...and then BP happened..."  Bryan Lafaye, 2015.   
 Surrounded by the oaks at Avery Island, Bryan Lafaye sets up pieces of his installation entitled "Cmon Baby Just One More Time" which was his take on the BP Oil Spill. Was it a coincidence that inspiration was coming from a land that was being used for oil, that oil was the central theme?
Bryan Lafaye and three installations, Avery Island, LA
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