"Land is our First Instructor"
Where it all started...
A Poets Bamboo Sanctuary
 "If you abandon me, comment je vais faire" - This is the title of Darrell's recent book of poems all told through him by the voices that knew legendary musician Amedée Ardoin.  Trying to raise money to erect a public commemorative to Amedée in the likes of a statue, Darrell has been conducting Veillee's - (Cajun/Creole for Night Visit) that involve music around small gatherings to raise awareness to the life of Amedé. One of the recent gatherings had Creole "LaLa musician Goldman Thibodeaux as the guest artist. Soon after this meeting Darrell and Goldman traced their lineage back to the sharing of a distant ancestor making them cousins.   Lineage is important. Knowing where we come from gives us the strength and knowledge to be fully present.   
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