Along the Pearl River lay a haunted museum of fishing shacks, deserted and some still inhabited. I see why Frank comes back...this swamp is alive in so many ways. As Frank has told me time and time again, the waterways of Louisiana are are our next adventure and another way to explore our state. He inspired in me to get out the canoe that was given to my wife and me for our wedding. That very next weekend we took it out in Bayou Bienvenue near our home in Chalmette.
 Along our ride down the Pearl River, I remembered the conversation I had with Frank when I first interviewed him for this project. I connected deeply with his statement about how, as a child, his family would make the trip into New Orleans via the Westbank and later the Northshore. Frank would sit in the back of his mother's station wagon looking out the back window soaking in the landscape which formed the early views of his surroundings.
My 4x5 film camera stuck in the water
 Frank felt it was important I photograph the details of his "Survival Manual" and checklist. As I read more of it I am glad i took this photo, as I can always reference it when I hit the waters again...
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