Jenny Ellerbe, Photographer
Jenny Ellerbe poses with her book
 Jenny hopes to change people's idea of what these mounds are about. For some landowners, planting another field of cotton would be more resourceful to their bottom line than preserving an ancient relic that means little to them. It makes sense.
Arrowheads found at Poverty Point and Surrounding Area
 Large field tractors give the term "Share the Road" new meaning in upstate Louisiana. While driving to Monroe from Arnaudville I saw cattle farms turn to cotton, soy, and wheat fields. You can sense a change in economic drivers when you drive so many miles in a day. I started this day out in Pierre Part where there are fishermen, trappers, and oil men. In Pilette near Lafayette you saw a bustling oil hub that is driven by the offshore economy. While driving through Dehli and Monroe you saw less people and more fields, tractors, and agriculture. Makes you love Louisiana even more...
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